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Application/result of Bilva?

Started by hanuman, April 11, 2012, 02:16:59 AM

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A recent post brought up stone apple, bilva, up as something that can help with the 'overlay of past life karma' on our present incarnation.. having taken the bait, and very much still in the 'discovery' process of this process of discovery we call may I use the powdered product, as I have purchased a half pound from:

Also..should we just make sure to keep it in our there a duration it should be taken for such a purpose? Might we 'notice' anything different?

I was initiated as a student as a monk in the Rae Chorze Fwaz meditation teacher has long since passed, all I can say is I am deeply grateful for the insights brought to light through your posts, and resources available on your sites. While initially seeking to gain a sense of health and wellness rooted in reality (outside mainstream) ..I did not expect to find such hidden gems..and am deeply grateful to have had the privilege to get back on my "path"..

I have also ordered the Deep Sleep formulation, along with Tamarind extracts and will be taking each simultaneously..(also ashwaganda, triphala, enzymes,many supplements etc)

Best regards, Love, Fortitude,


Thank you for this interesting post. As you can appreciate, intent is probably more important than dosage and duration.  Many people seeking to alleviate their karmic burdens simply make an offering of bilva leaves, but, of course, this is done piously, not as an off-the-shelf remedy for deeds that are regretted.

Best wishes,